Thursday, August 7, 2008

Diverse Approaches to Alzheimer's Therapies

Diverse Approaches to Alzheimer's Therapies Continue to Show Progress at ICAD
Plus, taking antidementia drugs extends lifespan three years in Alzheimer's

CHICAGO, July 30, 2008 – Results from clinical trials of three potential Alzheimer's therapies raise hope for new and better treatments of the disease, according to data reported today at the 2008 Alzheimer's Association International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease (ICAD 2008) in Chicago.

A related study showed that taking antidementia drugs appears to have a positive impact on extending lifespan in those with Alzheimer's.
These reports included:

Eighteen-month data from an open-label extension of a pivotal trial of Dimebon (Medivation) in mild to moderate Alzheimer's.

Nine-month data from an interim analysis of the first U.S. Phase II trial of intravenous immunoglobulin, or IVIg (Baxter), in Alzheimer's.

Results of a Phase II study of a monoclonal antibody (LY2062430, Lilly) in mild to moderate Alzheimer's.

"Therapies targeting amyloid in Alzheimer's disease must continue to be thoroughly tested," said William Thies, PhD, Alzheimer's Association vice president for Medical and Scientific Relations.

"At the same time, we know that Alzheimer's is a complex disease and that better treatments and preventions will likely also be complex, so we must investigate every promising drug target looking eventually towards the possibility of a multi-strategy approach."

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